Yummy Sweets for Janmashtami


Yummy Sweets for Janmashtami

We know Janmashtami is round the corner to be celebrated tomorrow (5th Sept 2015). On the auspicious movement we share with some best sweet recipes.

There are many sweets prepared on the occasion of Janmashtami such as Jamoon, halwa, rasmalia, payasam etc
So, now let’s see what are the main sweets to prepared on Janmashtami


Jamoon is said to be one of the sweet dish served as the offering to Lord Krishna. Do try in preparing different types of jamoons for Janmastami.

gulab jamun

Rava Ladoo

This is said to be an easy recipe and one of the important food item which prepared during Janmashtami. The main ingredients to prepare Rava Ladoo is rava, cashews, ghee and sugar.

rava ladoo


Without payasam, all the festivals are incomplete. There are several types of payasam prepared at the special occasions. You can go through semiya or rice paysam for Janmashtami

Payasam 1

Puri laddo

This is normally prepared by puffed rice, groundnuts, jiggery and coconut pieces. It’s one of the main food items prepared on Janmastami

pori lado


Laddos are one among the main served offering in North India. Laddo is said to be the most important sweet dish on all festive occasion, especially on Janmastami.


Kesari bath

Kesari bath is a very tasty food. It’s must try for this Janmastami

kesari bath

Carrot Halwa

The important recipe for Janmastami is the carrot halwa. It is one of the best mouth watery dishes. Prepare carrot halwa and serve as an offering to god.

carrot halwa

Badam halwa

Badam halwa is one of the nutritious food which contains badam and many other dry fruits. By consuming badam halwa, you can break your fast soon which gives you a lot of energy

badam halwa


Rasmalai is another important recipe prepared in festive occasions. This is one of the best sweets for this occasion of Janmashtami