Yoga tips for Diabetics


Yoga tips for Diabetics

Diabetics can spoil the development pattern of the body with an effect of various levels of production of energy. It also affects the function of pancreas that makes it incompetent for producing the insulin which gives the requisite energy

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Performing yoga postures will relieve your from many diabetic symptoms. The best diabetic’s yoga tips include breathing and posture exercises in order to stimulate the pancreas. Following Yoga’s can improve the blood flow to the pancreas. Yoga postures for diabetics rejuvenate the organ’s cells and progresses its ability to produce insulin for the body. The important yoga tips for diabetics post 40 is the need to practice the postures before meals however one has to chomp through enough glucid liquids. 


An effective exercise one-time inhale and breathe out 30 to 50 times quickly. The main method to start the exercise is to sit straight with spine to be erect and legs crossed. Next take a deep breath and exhale quickly, a puffing sound to be made while doing it. Focus more and more upon the exhalation factor than start to inhale. Exhalation must be done with a sharp force. All the breathing activities take place in the nose. Do it 10 rounds of 20 repetitions each.

Vrikshasana- Tree Posture

This posture is to improve the balance sense. It stretches the chest, spine, thighs, shoulder and glutes. Stand with legs straight and feet together. Arms are to be at your side and chin must face the ground. Now draw the right foot and keep the sole against the inner left thigh. The heel has to come as close to the groin as possible. Later bring the left hand



This yoga postures improves blood pressure in control. It also improves digestion and strengthens the neck and spine. In a yoga mat lie down with feet flat on the floor. Exhale slowly and push up and off the floor. Its necessary to raise your body up with head to lie on the mat. The rest of the body should be in air. Use your hands down for support.




Balasana is a relaxation yoga which is used for great stress buster. Stretch gently your hips, thighs and ankles. Sit on the floor with weight on to the knees. Spread your thighs to some extent. Sit onto your heels, exhale and blend your waist. Make sure your stomach to rest on to your thighs that extend towards your back. Your arms are to be stretch to a certain extent. Breathe normally to certain extent for least three minutes. Later slowly raise your body and return back to normal position.


Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar or the sun salutation is one of the most effective of asanas to control your blood sugar levels. This yoga postures increases blood circulation and improves the perfect insulin production in the body. Each step flows into the next and the ceaseless movement is performed facing the rising sun. This is highly beneficial exercise for those suffering from diabetes.