Yaman tamil movie reviews and ratings

Yaman tamil movie reviews and ratings

Starring: Vijay Antony, Mia George, Thiagarajan and others.

Vijay Antony has got the status of ‘hit machine’ due to his low budget movies has now joined hands with Jeeva Shankar for Yaman or Yeman. Duo has already delivered fantastic move in the movie “Naan”. Now the latest movie which is released is a political thriller in which Miya George is playing a female lead.

Thiagarajan is said to act in this movie in an important role which also has Sangili Murugan, Charlie, Swaminathan and others are in the cast. Vijay Antony has composed the music and the song “Yem Mela Kai Vacha Gaali” has impressed the audience a lot. Director has taken up an additional responsibility of cinematography, while Veera Senthil Raj has edited the flick.

Yeman narrates the story of an ordinary man who tries to come into the power of politics. Thiagarajan is the political mastermind named Karunakaran in this movie which has no reference to the present day Tamil Nadu politics.

Vijay Antony has done the role of Tamilarasan, an ordinary man, whose journey in the politics is narrated with a lot of twists in the flick. Yaman also tries to show the interesting background development of politics. An important roles in deciding up consequences on some issues is said to be narrated in two odd hours.

Tamilarasan needs money inorder to save his cancer affected grandmother. An option will be given to him for saving her that he will admit a crime dome by someone and he has go to jail. Prision is said to be his starting point to make political entry and journey in politics forms the rest of the story.

Liveonindia ratings: 3/5