Why getting cracked foot problems


Why getting cracked foot problems

Our body from head to toe is much important and these parts play main roles in our activities. We often care too much for our body and face but don’t care much for our feet. This is really a big problem towards our feet. Results on these many issues such as dry feet and cracks and more. Proper care for our feet is to be followed so that crack heels can be prevented. Many of us don’t know that cracked heels results in inflammation plus, bleeding, swelling and more. Sometimes deep cracks will develop in our feet and these are so called as fissures. Person has fissures will not able to walk so easily.

Few reasons for dry and cracked feet and they are


It’s main that we must consume enough water each and every day so that to stay hydrated. This must be noted that because of dehydration such as fatigue, dryness in feet occurs. Rough skin produces cracks in heels.

Fungal infection:

It’s important to clean our feet regularly so that dirt, fungus, bacteria are to be avoided. Hence fungal infections are also to be avoided. Fungal infection is due to the dryness in foot and crackled heels

Persistent perspiration:

Persistent perspiration in feet is present on those do workouts. This will reduce moisture from the feet. Peeling of our skin takes place.

Wearing open backed shoes:

Wearing flips flops and sandals will also lead to dry feet issue in us. Fat on heal present in open backed shoes expand towards sideways and increases pressure on heel resulting in many cracks.


Many of us take diuretics or antihistamines for any issues which will also result in dry feet into us. It’s said that by feet moisturizing with oil based moisturizer to prevent further drying.


It’s a skin condition when skin patches become inflamed and rough with blisters. Skin turns dull and dry. Skin condition will happen to any person at any time regardless of age.

Pressure on feet:

Cracked or dry feet will also to be because of prolonged standing on hard floors. Sweat glands on our feet get destroyed when stand on one spot leading towards cracked feet and dry. Pressure in foot is because of excess body weight and wearing padded shoes as good as increased pressure on normal fat pad makes expand sideways creating foot cracks.


This is also once cause for dry feet in us and sunburns result over sunlight exposure. Sunburns cause our skin to turn dull and dry apart from causing pain and redness. Applying sunscreen to be beneficial.