What are the dos and donts before and after meal


What are the dos and donts before and after meal

For dinner we call it evening meal or night meal for dinner. For some cultures, the dinner is an important while few consider breakfast to be an important one. Here is the various importances of dos and donts before and after your dinner every day.

Wherever you eat, you must not see TV or smartphone. When you eat mindfully, the process of digestion taking place inside your body will become easy. If you eat natural food items, then you can avoid health troubles for your body. After your dinner, don’t go to bed immediately.

Know dos and donts before and after your dinner in the following:

Drink warm water- Drink a glass of warm water before half an hour of your dinner time which makes digestion of food to be in a proper way and also reduce temptation to eat more

A gap between dinner and bedtime – It is advisable to have a gap of 2 hours between dinner time and your bed time. You can choose your household work after dinner inorder to match the time gap before and after sleep. Immediately sleeping after dinner will increase your acid reflux and prevent digestion.

Brush your teeth-its mandatory to brush your teeth before you go to bed, make it to be a practice to brush your teeth regularly during night time. This type of practice will maintain your oral healthy

Avoid fruits – Avoid consuming fruits after dinner which disturbs your sleeping pattern. Hence, few sources say this has to be avoided

Go for a slow walk – Walk around your terrace or around your room for twenty minutes. This is a great advantage in increasing your digestion and preventing accumulation of fat.

No bathing – Do not ever after bath after dinner which will create digestion problem. If it’s really to take bath then it’s mandatory to shower after half an hour of dinner.

No smoking – smoking is in general not good for health, certainly, obviously. When it comes to smoking post dinner, it is a definite no