Vegetables Price go up in Koyambedu Market


Chennai Koyambedu Market Veggi price Hiked

Due to Short supply the price of tomatoes and Green Chillies gone up in chennai koyambedu wholesale market.
Retail merchants from Chennai and its suburbs like  Pallavaram, Tambaram, Kundrattur, Chromepet and Mangaadu purchase vegetables from Koyambedu wholesale market in Chennai.  From the time, there were rumours about our late chief minister, the load Lorries did not operate. After the demise of our beloved chief minister the supply of vegetables to Koyambedu market was entirely cut off. Because of this, the prices of vegetables increased yesterday.
The Prices of broad beans, carrots, tomatoes, beans, green chilies, drumsticks and fresh greens were sold double rates in Chennai Koyambedu Wholesale Market.  In view of the foregoing there was less purchases.