Vegetable Prices in Chennai Increased


Vegetable prices show an increasing trend

On last sunday 14th May 2017, beans sold at Rs. Carrot sold at Rs. 60 per kg. 110 per kg. Sambar onion sold at Rs. 85 per kg.  Broadbeans and green chillis sold at Rs. 50 per kg. Drumstick and beetroot sold at Rs. 40 per kg. Brinjal and bitter gourd sold at Rs. 30 per kg.

The president of the Koyambedu fruits, flowers, and vegetables traders association explained that due to the extreme drought conditions prevailing in Tamil Nadu and also in Karnataka and Andhra, the quantity of vegetables arrival has come down and the prices have gone up. This trend will prevail till June.

However. At the same time, tomato at Rs. 7 per kg, onion at Rs. 10 per kg, and potato at Rs. 13 per kg continue to be sold at reasonably lower prices.