Vasanth and Co AC offers 2017


Vasanth and Co AC offers 2017

Hot season is approaching our Tamil Nadu very badly.

You cant tolerate heat?. Is your AC not working?

You dont have Ac in your home? Want to make your home cool?

Want to get rid of heat boils? Want to buy Ac but worried about the price?

For all the above questions gives the one and only solution is that “Vasanth and CO AC offers 2017”

Get rid of your heat this year with an excellent offer from “Vasanth and CO”, the only home shop for all your needs.

Hurry to get your Air Conditioner this season at lowest price with 0% interest. 

Air conditioner starting price is Rs 18000/-

Book your Air conditioner now from “Vasanth and CO”. 

Check for various brands Vasanth and Co Ac price lists

Sno Split AC Name & Model Price
1 Voltas 183 CY (1.5T 3S) Split Ac Rs. 34490.00
2 Voltas 182 DYA (1.5T 2S) Split Ac Rs. 33890.00
3 Voltas 182 CX 1.5 T 2S Split Ac Rs. 30490.00
4 Voltas 122 CYU (1 TON 2S) Split Ac Rs. 24590.00
5 Videocon VSD53.WV1-MDA Split Ac Rs. 27490.00
6 Videocon VSD53.RV1-MDA Split Ac Rs. 27990.00
7 Videocon VSD33.WV1-MDA Split Ac Rs. 26990.00
8 Videocon VSD33.RV1-MDA Split Ac Rs. 25490.00
9 Samsung AR18HC3TFUR1.5T Split Ac Rs. 34700.00
10 Samsung AR18HC3ES/XLWNNA 1.5T Split Ac Rs. 35400.00
11 Samsung AR18HC2USNB Split Ac Rs. 30200.00
12 Samsung AR12HC3TFUR 1T Split Ac Rs. 28900.00
13 O General ASGA18AET split Ac Rs. 44990.00
14 O General ASGA12AAC (1S) Split Ac Rs. 33390.00
15 Lg LSN5TM2M Split Ac Rs. 35980.00
16 Lg LSN5NP3F Split Ac Rs. 33390.00
17 Lg LSN3TM3M Split Ac Rs. 32180.00
18 Lg LSN3TM2M Split Ac Rs. 32280.00
19 Lg LSN3PW2M Split Ac Rs. 27580.00
20 IFB IACS18AK3TC 1.5T Split Ac Rs. 29190.00
21 IFB IACS12AK3TC 1T(3S) Split Ac Rs. 24990.00
22 Carrier DURAEDGE PLUS K+3S 1.5T Split Ac Rs. 33990.00
23 Carrier DURAEDGE K+ 2S 1.5 Ton Split Ac Rs. 33090.00
24 Videocon VSD53.RV1-MDA Split Ac Rs.27990.00
25 Videocon VSD53.WV1-MDA Split Ac Rs.27490.00
26 Voltas 122 CYU (1 TON 2S) Split Ac Rs.24590.00
27 Voltas 182 CX 1.5 T 2S Split Ac Rs.30490.00
28 Voltas 182 DYA (1.5T 2S) Split Ac Rs.30990.00
29 Voltas 183 CY (1.5T 3S) Split Ac Rs.32890.00

Disclaimer: Ac prices might have slight variation in the shop. Please check with shop. This is just a rough prices of Air conditioner.