Top Tamil actors join at jallikattu protests

Top Tamil actors join at jallikattu protests

Famed actors from Tamil industry such as Vijay, Suriya and Dhanush, joined the bandwagon of celebrities to [protest the jallikattu ban.

Vijay has released a video statement in which he has spoken against PETA. He also stated that jallikattu an important identity of Tamilains. He stated that, I applaud all youths who have had eminent motive as well as political affiliations but continued well to protest against the ban on Jallikattu. 

In the same way, Suiya has also released a statement that he was glad to see youngsters come altogether untied by identity, history and culture. Organizations like PETA which rallied the ban on jallikattu are lost their battle at people’s court. 

Dhanush tweeted stating that I am proud of every Tamilian who has raised the voiced in protest against the jallikattu ban. They would definitely emerge victorious.
Vikram has also came forward to release statement that, I want traditional game to be brought back. No doubt, these protests will lead to lead to victory. 
 Music composer and actor G.V. Prakaash participated in protests at Salem.

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