Top 10 Vegetables to grow taller


Top 10 Vegetables to grow taller

Growing taller is a dream of each and every now. People who are tall are blessed persons. If you are tall, then you are the symbol of attraction. Men who are tall, dark and handsome are like by all especially women. Women who are tall are considered to be beautiful and slender.  Human stops growing when he or she is away from teenage years. Some will grow even when you have crossed your teenage years and then you will be happy to know when you are growing tall.

It’s important have a proper diet while eating and moving up your ambitions in adding more inches to your height. Vegetable play an important role to maintain your balanced diet which will help the body to function properly. There are some following vegetables which will increase your few inches


Turnips helps to increase hormonal growth when you intake turnip on your regular basis which will help to increase your height. They grown on normal region of the world and are found all over the world. Turnips are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins, cholesterol and fat.



  • Beans are another one vegetable which is rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber. It is considered as nutritional vegetable which increases your growth.
  • Include boiled beans in your daily vegetable salad or add it in any vegetarian recipes that help you to stimulate growth hormones.
  • Regular consumption of beans will boost up your heights as it is fully loaded with proteins.

green french beans

 Lady’s Finger

  • Lady’s finger or okra is another type of all other important vegetable that will help to increase your body weight. It is said to be a flowering plant which is rich in water, carbohydrates, water, fibers and minerals. It’s very nutritional vegetable used in all forms of Indian dishes.
  • Lady’s finger is the one and only veggie used to increase the growth hormones in your body which help to increase or boost up your height functionality



  • Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that increases the function of your body. This is commonly used in South Asia. There are many main sources of Iron, Vitamin, Fibers and Calcium
  • Add spinach to your daily diet to function your body properly. This increases your growth hormones and helps to improve the growth of your body
  • Add clean and washed spinach leaves onto your blender and add a little of water and mix it to a grind paste.
  • Add some sort of few vegetables to this spinach paste and prepare some gravy.



  • Broccoli is another one important vegetable which has healthy fibers and vitamins and also helps in maintaining proper functioning of your body. Broccoli belongs to the cabbage family
  • Broccoli is highly rich in iron and Vitamin C and also act as a anti cancer properties which is rich in fibers too.
  • It also helps to maintain healthy die and properly functions your body.
  • This stimulates the increase of growth hormones to your body and increases the height.