Things to have for avoiding digestion problem


Things to have for avoiding digestion problem

Many have great relish on eating non veg food items. It’s taken by itch to consume these items immediately after seeing them which might affect many people as they find out items to be easily digested.

Enzymes produced at digestion system that helps in digestion process. Some food items have natural property to digest fast. These are said to have additional capacity to remove away toxin elements at non vegetarian food. It’s worth knowing on such items:

Warm water:

Take cold water when having non veg food which will tend to solidify oil content at the non veg item for being eaten. This leads to indigestion problems, So that you can now drink some warm water after eating. This will ease and enable easier digestion. This will also remove away toxic elements at non veg items. Specially taking warm water after dinner at the night which will enable and stimulates large intestine (colon) and small intestine for better function, So any constipation issue will get avoided.


Papaya is rich in minerals and vitamins. This fruit is one of the best to take care of your digestion problems. Have a piece of papaya with few drops of lemon juice. Include papaya inside the fruit salad taken as a dessert.

Cumin seeds:

Take water mixed with few pinches of cumin seeds which is very much helpful in digestion problems and enables faster and easier digestion. This prevents inflammation of blood veins at the intestinal paths.

Mint juice:

Mint has property to relax Sphincter muscle located between stomach and food pipe. Just take some lemon juice combined with small number of mint leaves after taking non veg foods. These will not cure the digestion problem but also cure problems such as stomach-ache, sour-belching, etc. relate bad digestion.


Banana is rich in fibre content. Fibre rich food items contain insulin. This helps to increase good bacteria in your system. This will also prevent deposit of acids at the digestion route. When acidity increases leads to stomach irritation, indigestion problems and chest irritation.

Green Tea:

After an hour of your food, it’s advisable to drink 50 ml green tea. This will ease and simplify digestion problem. It’s advised to take 2 cups green tea on daily basis in morning and evening once.

Symptoms of high level vitamin D

Main importance of vitamin D. Vitamin D is one for keeping our cells to be in good health. Vitamin D gives strength to our bones and prevents issues such as osteoporosis and more. Regulation of calcium plus maintenance of calcium levels into us done by vitamin D. This is well known that with vitamin D deficiency consume foods that are rich as important nutrient.

Most of us are not aware of the fact that when consuming too much vitamin D will lead to many issues too.

Here are few signs or symptoms of high levels of vitamin D in us.

More accumulation of calcium:

This is one of the main sign of high level vitamin D. Calcium levels in us will increase more vitamin D when consumed by us. This will lead to various issues such as frequent urination, nausea, excess thirst and more.

Loss of bone density:

This is shocking information. High vitamin D level results in bone density. Vitamin K plays main role on fetching calcium from blood and putting it on bones. Excess vitamin D results inside vitamin K deficiency into us and calcium doesn’t get absorbed by our bones which lead to loss of bone density.

Kidneys get affected:

Because of high toxic into the blood, too much vitamin D affects kidneys also. Sudden workload on kidneys increases which result in damage. There are many possibility of getting kidney stones due excessive calcium.

Digestive issues:

There is also one symptom or sign of excessive vitamin D on your body. Issues such as abdominal cramps, nausea and other digestive issues takes place because of excess vitamin D in us.


There is also a link between fatigue and vitamin D because of high level of calcium in blood rather than into the bones. Muscles don’t get iron and protein to feel energized.


It’s too tough to pass stools easily when there is an excess of vitamin D into us and there is also one sign which indicates presence of high level vitamin D in us.