The Price of Small Onions Goes Up


Steep rise in the price of small onions

The Price of Small Onions Goes Up. Due to the recent severe drought conditions, the harvesting of small onion has rather been very low. Because of the less harvesting small onion is being sold at a price of Rs. 150 per kg in Theni district.

Due to the monsoon season had failed in Tamil Nadu, the prices of the vegetables have gone up. Small onion is sold at Rs. 120 to Rs. 150 per kg. As the price of small onion has shot up by Rs. 70 per kg within a week, the public refrain from buying small onions.

In one of the largest wholesale vegetable markets in Tamil Nadu, in the Oddanchathirm vegetable fair, small onion is now being sold at Rs. 80 per kg. In Madurai, the price of small onion is Rs. 90 per kg. In Virudhunagar, it is Rs. 100 per kg.