The benefits of eating Jaamun fruit or Naavapazham


Jaamun fruit Health Benefits

It is always advisable to buy and eat the seasonal fruits as they are available plenty in the market. The vitamins and nutrients contained in these fruits benefit the physical health till the nxt season.
Presently, it is the season for jaamun fruits (Naavalpazham in Tamil). 
They are relatively low-priced. So, everyone can buy and eat.
Here are a few benefits of jaamun:
·         It is rich in iron. It has the property to purify the blood.
·         It cools the body and also helps the digestion process.
·         The typical sour taste of jaamun helps prevent the boils/polyps forming in the skin and also helps keep a shiny skin.
·         It is rich in Vitamins ‘A’ & ‘C’ and also minerals.
·         It helps balance the sugar level in the blood and protects from diabetes.