Thaanaa Serndha Koottam tamil movie review and ratings


Thaanaa Serndha Koottam tamil movie review and ratings

Production: Studio Green
Cast: Anandraj, Karthik, Keerthy Suresh, Ramya Krishnan, RJ Balaji, Sathyan, Senthil, Sivashankar, Suresh Menon, Suriya
Direction: Vignesh ShivN
Screenplay: Vignesh ShivN
Story: Vignesh ShivN
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Background score: Anirudh Ravichander

“Indha idam, inga irukka azhukku, indha azhukka uruvakki intha akukkulaye oori pona, idho ivanunga maari aalunga, ivanungalellam paathale, veratti vetatti velukka thonuthu,” this dialogue of Suriya’s that comes in ‘Sodakku’ song sums up the concept of Thaanaa Serndha Koottam.

Whenever regional  movie makers decide to make a perfect movie with a bunch of big star cast, our imagination directly moves to the renowned Ocean’s series. TSK movie has a core plot that’s pretty similar to Hindi movie Special 26. This must be noted that they have acquired the rights to Hindi film and Vignesh ShivN has changed the screenplay which have suited the local audience. TSK movie looks perfect for highly original product thats sure to get an eminent applause.

Any top hero’s movie, TSK revolves around its upcoming Suriya but not just about him where he was accompanied by bandwagon of stars such as Keerthy Suresh, Karthik, Ramya Krishnan, Senthil, Suresh Menon, RJ Balaji and more.

This is well known fact that TSK is a best movie set in a period backdrop of 1980s and so Suriya and his Thaanaa Serndha Koottam will do a pose as CBI agents to loot money from rich which is not a spoiler after all.

Thaanaa Serndha Koottam is one of the fun filled nonsense con movie. Rule is to constantly progressing predicaments on guessing game on whats going to happen next with lots of unpredictable twists or turns and power packed climax.

Second half gets a perfect intense at many times drags bit. Movie moves along with prefect leisurely pace post interval and one can’t move in expecting a racy ride from start to end. Overall movie is enjoyable; audience must have wanted a few more high points on what was on display.

We can now get to see Suriya as youthful and well groomed ever. Fun and jubilant side of Suriya is on view here and TSK movie is one of the easy outing experienced stars. We can see more on Ramya Krishnan? The seasoned actress that she brings on fner nuances of her character with eminent dignity and understatedness. Keerthy looks pretty and shines a perfect couple of scenes; one feels that she has worked perfect on her Brahmin accent.

In this movie, Senthil is making comeback commands goof screen presence. Even actor like Suresh Menon, Karthik, Nandha, and Sathiyan have a sizable part to play. RJ Balaji and Yogi Babu makes best comedy in a scene or two. On the whole, this has handpicked ‘koottam’ of Vignesh ShivN has done a brilliant job.

Anirudh’s songs are already doing best hit and seamlessly move the narrative forward. Each one is said to be an solitaire diamond and not once does song protrude. Dinesh Krishnan’s colourful visuals and Sreekar Prasad’s skillful cuts count among TSK’s movie numerous. Art director Kiran deserves perfect special mention for giving enough detailing the glossy outlook.

Vignesh’s formula to tease up his audience by setting up his scenes of possible clichés and surprise them with something else which was worked perfect big time for the movie. This seems to know exact feel of younger generation which would expect from a Suriya film. 

Verdict: A smart movie!

Liveonindia movie star ratings: 3.5/5