Tests to perform at the age of 40 years Women


Tests to perform at the age of 40 years Women

At the recent times, women are prone to get heart problems such as heart attack, this because they are on sedentary lifestyle or practicing unhealthy eating habits. There are few many tests performed to know the health conditions at the age 40. There are several health checkups in hospitals and labs. You must do the below tests if your 40 or above 40 age

Here are few tests that may be performed to know the health condition of your heart at 40. There are several health check-ups offered in hospitals and laboratories. You may choose to opt packages that include the below tests:

Blood pressure

When you got high blood pressure, your blood flow towards your vagina gets reduced that causes lower sex drive and vaginal dryness. High blood pressure will also increase the high risk of heart attack and heart disease. Hence check for blood pressure at the age of 40.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) 

Many women ignore mild chest pain which results to symptoms of heart attack. The ECG may be resulted to stress test that monitors your heart rate. ECG is maintained as a tab on your heart rate. ECG tests are the main one to detect heart disease.

Chest X-ray

There are several heart problems such as congestive heart failure, heart infection, heart enlargement, etc can be viewed using Chest X-ray. If you get various symptoms like fatigue, fainting, chest pain, etc need to be given proper attention for all the heart ailments.

Lipid profile test

According to your blood cholesterol level increases as your age gets increased. Women who are at 40 or older women are recommended to undergo many tests. This involves a simple test in which fetches the cholesterol level of your blood including LDL (low density lipoprotein), HDL (high density lipoprotein), and the LDL/HDL ratio, and triglycerides are detected.