Temporary mark sheets and transfer certificates date


Temporary mark-sheets and transfer certificates to be distributed on 21st May afternoon

System on providing temporary mark sheets for students was said to be started in the year 2015 at March.

These temporary mark sheets is for emergency uses for admissions at colleges.

Once its  ready, the properly printed mark-sheets is said to be distributed to the schools.

As per the release of results of +2 Public Examinations on 16th May (today), the headmasters of  higher secondary schools will use their given user ID and password for downloading the mark sheet data of candidates who wrote public examination at schools from the below websites:

After downloading data and they can also verify the same and keep printed temporary mark sheets to be ready with their proper signature of respective headmasters and seals from the schools.

These temporary mark-sheets will be distributed from the afternoon on 21st May, The school students must be given through their respective schools and the private candidates will get the temporary mark-sheet from the centre where they wrote the public examination.

Please note temporary mark sheets will be distributed only as per the time and date announced.

Arrangements is also been made for the private candidates for downloading their temporary mark-sheets from the afternoon on 21st May at official website give below: