Tamilnadu Rices Price go up


Prices of rices go up in Tamil Nadu

Last Months Tamil Nadu did not receive sufficient rains during northeast monsoon, a severe drought is gripping. Paddy Harvest has come down. Because of this, the paddy prices are going increase. A bag of 76 kilo Rupali Ponni paddy was sold Rs 1400 for previous month. Now the prices of Rupali Ponni paddy are increased by Rs 200 and are being sold for Rs. 1600.

Similarly the price of Deluxe Ponni paddy bag was sold for Rs 1600 is being sold for price of Rs 1800. Price of Bapatla Ponni paddy which was sold for Rs 1800 is now being sold for Rs 2000 in Tamilnadu. Since the paddy prices has gone up, the rice prices has also been increased. Bapatla Ponni rice 75 kg bag which was sold for Rs 3500 is now being sold for Rs 3700. First quality Bapatla Ponni rice sold for Rs 3700 is now selling at Rs 3900. Rupali Ponni rice sellingĀ at Rs.2200 is now being sold for Rs 2400 and Deluxe Ponni rice Rs 2800 is now being sold for Rs 3000.

The first quality Basmati rice now being sold for Rs 110. Second quality Basmati rice sold for Rs 90. Similarly, the third quality Basmati rice which was selling for Rs 70.