Summer to be more in April month

Summer to be more in April month

At this year, Northeast Monsoon is expected to bring relief and rains. Groundwater level is said to be over the state of Tamil Nadu which is said to have receded and dry condition prevailed throughout the state.

Summer already has become very severe with onset of summer at March. People are subjected to go for hardship in Chennai Metro and many other parts of the state. Temperature recorded already crossed for about 100 Degrees Fahrenheit in a few districts.

Its stated that Director of Chennai Meteorological Centre Mr. S Balachandran has stated that the impact of summer heat is said to be more severe in April and May months.

At an interview it’s explained that the summer is all start to swing full. Summer is said to be more severe in April. Peak of summer is felt in the months of April and May. Temperature is said to be more than average at recorded level.

Temperature are been already 100 Degrees Fahrenheit in Paramathivelur. There were light drizzles in some coastal areas, heat impact has somewhat reduced.

Summer impact is already said to be in full swing. The real summer impact will start soon. Summer of 2017 is said to be even more severe than last year.