Special camp for Smart ration cards corrections


Smart Ration Cards Corrections Camp In Tamilnadu

Special camp for Smart ration cards corrections in Tamilnadu. The Fair Price Shops personnel informed that special camps are being organised to carry out corrections of all errors in the smart ration cards. There are 1,95,26,145 family cards in Tamil Nadu. There are 6,85,78,735 members registered in these family cards. There are 33,222 Fair Price Shops set up throughout the state of Tamil Nadu to distribute the food items for the above family cards.

Now, the Tamil Nadu Government is engaged in the distribution of smart ration cards replacing the old family cards in Tamilnadu. These smart ration cards will facilitate the distribution of food items to the eligible card holders.

In order to eliminate this requirement, the state government had ordered to organise special camps for the corrections mentioned above, with each covering 3 Fair Price Shops. Fair Price Shop personnel informed that the details of the location of the special camps will be announced to the local card holders through the Tandora system in the respective localities.