Some Natural ways to treat Hair Fall


Some Natural ways to treat Hair Fall

Most common well known worries for men and women are hair fall. There are many measures to reduce your Hair fall through proper diet. Below are some main ways to treat Hair fall


Neem is rich in anti bacterial properties. This is used in great extent to reduce hair fall problems. Neem has a best improving blood stream for your skin. This removes all microorganisms which exhibit on to your skin and all lice too. For getting a full perfect impact, grasp a handful of neem leaves and bubble into water. See that the shade of water gets changed. Enable this chill off and make a perfect utilization with this water to wash your hair. Does this weekly once then discover the outcomes. This can help in reducing down dandruff.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera helps to adjust PHI levels of your scalp and hair along with these lines limiting hair fall. Aloe Vera gel profounds on to your scalp and advances development into your hair. For this you must use Aloe Vera and back rub well on to your scalp for about 15 to 20 mins. Rubbing it well then use lukewarm or cold water. Rehash this twice per week for best results.

Green tea

Green tea is useful to maintain good health condition. You can use Bubble green tea packs in water to wash your hair. This will reduce hair fall. This can also help in increasing hair growth. Wash this twice per week. Green tea goes well and acts as a shield for your scalp which can keep away from sun warm. This helps your hair look healthier and shiner.

Coriander Juice

Coriander Juice plays a main role to treat your hair. Now take a cluster of coriander leaves and make a paste like. Strain and squeeze the extract. Back rub it on your hair and enable to stay it on your scalp for about 60 mins. Wash it away with mellow cleanser. Continue it twice seven days to monitor hair fall.


Potato can also reduce your hair fall. Peel off Potato and make it as a puree and gather its juice. Apply on your hair. Make it to stay on your hair for 15 mins. Use mellow cleanser. Do it for once in seven days to control hair fall.