Simple Pregnancy Tests To Take At Home


Simple Pregnancy Tests To Take At Home 

Pregnancy is the period in each and every woman’s life which is completely said to be special and exclusive. Pregnancy means that you’re ready to bring a new life to world. Are you well prepared for the huge responsibility? You must be physically, mentally, socially and financially strong enough to take this decision. If you’re pregnant and don’t know how to understand the first stage? There are many pregnancy strips in market to get instant result. There are many simple steps to make pregnancy tests to take up at home that have been passed on from generations and are quite popular till date.

There are many pregnancy tests to take up at home. Test s can be confirmed at the presence of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) that is the most vital indicators of pregnancy. Apart from that, if you get the early signs like missing periods, swollen and tender breasts, vomiting sensation, etc. These signs can also tell that whether you’re pregnant or not.

Pregnancy Test with Sugar:

It’s one of the most accurate pregnancy tests to take up at home. Collect your first urine in the morning. Take a bowl and pour one tbsp of urine into it. Add one tablespoon of sugar. If the sugar clumps up, the result is positive. If it dissolves, you’re not pregnant.

pregnancy test with sugar

Stored Urine Test:

Collect the first urine in the morning and keep it aside untouched for 4 hour. If you see a white film on to the top of the urine then there is a high chance of being pregnant. If your urine is clear after this duration then you are not pregnant.

stored urin test

Pregnancy Test with Vinegar:

All simple pregnancy tests to take up at home must be done with the first urine in the morning. Take up the white vinegar and pour it on to the collected urine. If the solution changes colour then you are pregnant.


Toothpaste Test:

Take little amount of toothpaste into a bowl and add it to the collected urine to it. If the toothpaste turns forthy or blue then it results to be positive. It’s one of the simplest ways to detect pregnancy.


Bleaching Powder Test:

When you look for pregnancy tests to take up at home, try bleaching powder test. Mix urine and bleach powder into a bowl. If you see the solution becoming foamy then you can share the good news with your family members.  

bleaching powder

Mustard Powder Test:

There are lots of reasons for missing up your period. With simple pregnancy tests to take up at home with the help of mustard powder then you can be sure that what the result is. Soak yourself in mustard powder and warm water solution for some time. If you don’t get periods within 2-3 days then you may be you’re pregnant.

mustard powder

Pregnancy Test With Baking Soda: This is one of the kitchen ingredients that helps you to detect your pregnancy. Add urine to the baking soda taken in a bowl. If you see the solution forming frizzles, then your result is positive.

baking soda