Rose Water as Beauty Enhancement Agent

Rose water as beauty enhancement agent

Rose water as beauty enhancement agent

There are few methods to make up your beauty using rosewater. It’s said to keep the rosewater in fridge for 30 minutes. Take it outside and dip cotton in rosewater and keep it over your eyes for few minutes, This will make your eyes swelling gets reduced any swelling in the eyes and will become bright and more beautiful.

During summer, your face loses its glow due to heat. Spray rosewater on to your face or dip cotton in rosewater and wipe it gently on your face. Your face will give immediately a fresh look. This can be done many times during a day

People who have a soft skin can add a little rose water to your bath water before bath. This will make your skin to glow more and soft.

People will dry skin can regularly apply rosewater to your skin for a best results to your skin without any dryness. Before moving to sleep, use a habit of wiping your face with cotton dipped in rosewater. This is will remove out any kind of residual make up elements but also make your skin soft too. Rosewater helps in increasing the fairness of your skin. Rosewater helps to remove any kind of shrinking on your skin and keep you young.