Reason behind Kidney stone


There are several reason behind the formation of kidney stones which depends on the particular body structure and their daily food habit

In hot sun, excessive work out, insufficient water supply to the body, of the human body, wrong eating habits, frequent salt and spicy foods in urinary track, excessive calcium chloride content in food items, delay in urine passing, production of parathyroid hormone, swollen prostate glands, obesity, and heredity can all be the factors leading to formation of kidney stones.


Initial stages there are no symptoms of the kidney stone formation

When stone passes and block your passage of urine, an intense pain will be felt. At the initial stage, intense pain will be felt at the below chest and back and then to the frontal part of stomach

Kidney stones pain are caused in lower stomach as well its spread to the private parts

Pain just starts from below the navel then spreads to the urine passing hole which tend to make frequent sensation to urine pass

Irritation in urine passing, blood mixed urine pass, vomiting, nausea will be felt


Stones up to the size of 5 mm can be dissolved and got ridden of by taking the right quantity of water and medicines, and tablets.

Stones up to the size of 1.5 cm can be broken by the treatment of ‘Shockwave Lithotripsy’ when sound waves are passed externally causing vibration of the kidney stone and breeking it.

Stones in the urinary track, kidney pipe, and urine container can be treated with ‘Urethroscopy’ by inserting a flexible small tube into the urinary track the urine passing hole and crushing them or breaking them with Laser.

However, stones in the kidneys cannot be removed by these methods. Stones above the size of 2 cm have to be treated with ‘Nephrolithatomy’ which involves drilling a small hole in the back and then removing the stones by surgery. However, precautions must be taken to avoid recurrence of forming kidney stones!

Diet to be followed

People with kidney stones are recommended to take plenty of tender coconut, juices of citrus fruits, juice extract from banana stem, barley water, and buttermilk.

Fibre-rich grains like kambu, solam, kudiraivali, thinai, and samai should be regularly taken in increased quantities.

What needs to be done if affected by kidney stones?

Dehydration due to spending long hours in scorching sun leads to formation of kidney stones. So, avoid being/staying under the hot sun for more than 2 hours. It is better to avoid going out between 12.00 Noon & 4.00 PM.