Procedure to check Aadhar card activation


Aadhar card Checking Procedure

Procedure to check Aadhar card activation. It may be known that recently, 81 Lakh Aadhar Cards have been blocked. So, the central government of India has made the facility to check status of the Aadhar card is active or blocked.

  • Go to the website –
  • Click the option on the right side of the 1st page, Verify Aadhar Number.
  • You can see two empty 2 blocks will appear, Enter the 12-digit Aadhar card number in the 1st block square. Register the security number in the 2nd square.
  • The next page starts as `Aadhar Verification Completes’ and carries all particulars including the name and date of birth.
  • If Aadhar card is active, a green mark will be displayed.
  • If there is no green mark, there will be a note ‘Aadhar Number does not exist’.