Prices of Vegetables and Fruits in Chennai


Prices of Vegetables and Fruits in Chennai

Last few days the prices of vegetables have come down in Chennai Koyambedu Vegetable market.  bdul Kader, Koyambedu Vegetable Wholesale Merchants Association secretary stated that Vegetables are coming from many states such as Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra states to Koyambedu Wholesale Market.

At this instant, there is more harvest and so more vegetables are coming down to the market. Every day the vegetables are coming up in 250 to 300 Lorries. Due to this carrots are sold for Rs 40 and is now sold for Rs 28 now. Brinjals are sold for Rs 40 and is now sold for Rs 25 per kilo now. Apart from these prices of potatoes, elephant foot yam, beans, onions and broad beans have come down by Rs 5 to Rs 10. Its stated that in the upcoming days due to marriage days and summer the prices of vegetables may go up.


Vegetable prices at Koyambedu Wholesale Market:

Vegetables Rs per kilo
Onions 15
Potatoes 18
Carrot 20
Nookal 20
Chayote 15
Beetroot 20
Cabbage 12
Chilies 40
Ginger 35
Elephant foot yam 35
Colocasia  28
Brinjals 15-25
Ladies Fingers 15
Broad beans 15
Tindora 22
Cluster beans 15
Bitter Gourd-small 25
Bitter gourd- big 20
Drumsticks 40
Radish 15
Cucumber 15
Snake Gourd 15
Tomatoes 8-10
Cauliflower 1 16
Ridge Gourd 20
Water Gourd 15
Shallots 15
Coconut 15
Raw banana 4

Though vegetables prices have decreased, the prices of the fruits have gone up. There was a good supply of fruits, the rates of fruits have gone up due to summer. The prices of sweet lime and oranges are gone up to by Rs 10. The price of apples have moved up by Rs 20

Summer season fruits like jack fruit and mangoes will be soon arriving. Currently fruits are brought to wholesale market in about 220 Lorries. There is more supply of grapes and Chikku fruits.

Rates of fruits as on date in the wholesale market:

Fruits Rs per kilo
Seedless grapes 100
Washington apple 160-170
China apple 140-150
Simla apple 130-140
Pomegranate 110-120
Sweet lime 50
Orange 50
Chikku 30
Pineapple 40 per fruit
Guava 35
Plantain 250-400
Water melon 12-18
Dragon fruit 100