Prepaid Auto from Central to all places in Chennai

Prepaid Auto from Central to all places in Chennai

There are lakhs of passengers are arriving from nook and corner at the Chennai railway station each and every day. People not only come from many other districts of Tamil Nadu but also they come from various states in each country and keep gathering at Chennai central railway station every day.

Many complaints has been received from the public about the high charge of the auto drivers. According to the facilities for hiring pre paid autos are set up for the passengers both night times and day time.

Auto drivers charge several especially during night time which was taken as an initiative by the Central Station Manager, Auto rates of various places are been fixed and displayed for the easy public note. Its said that two different rates are been fixed for the night and day periods. In night time, the rates will be about 50 percent in excess of day time rates.

Railways, the government Railway Police, and the Chennai central railway pre-paid auto-drivers Association are jointly discussed and fixed the above rates. Rate list of numerous destination of the city are been displayed and tabulated. Public can now pay according to the charges if they are interested to avail the services in prepaid auto.

Its said that the amount to be paid in advance and the receipt are to be obtained. In any cases if the auto drivers charges more after the start of the trip then the passengers can contact the number given in the receipt. According the complaint, action will be taken against the driver. There are about 1000 auto drivers who have joined in auto driver Association. Prepaid autos are ready throughout day and night