Platinum Rate in chennai


Platinum Rate in Chennai

Nowadays all are running behind gold only because of their precious value but some prefer to use platinum jewels. Hey all, go behind platinum jewels. Nowadays there are many elegant and fascinating jewels in platinum. From earrings to necklace all the jewels in platinum looks awesome. Feel the eminent look of princess by using platinum.  Eager enough now to buy platinum but don’t know their rates why don’t you worry, here comes Liveonindia to introduce the latest platinum rate in Chennai. Get your detailed platinum rate daily and monthly. Get to know the latest today platinum rate in Chennai and monthly platinum rate in Chennai only from Liveonindia.

Why use platinum for jewellery

Platinum is one of the white precious metals which have several properties in it that makes a preferred material. The main advantage of using platinum for jewels is only because of their resistance to tarnish and strength. Each has ideal setting for gemstones and diamonds. Want to know the latest platinum rate in Chennai then visit us to know more.

Date1 Gram8 Grams
23.04.2017Rs.2709.00Rs. 21672.00
22.04.2017Rs.2709.00Rs. 21672.00
21.04.2017Rs.2704.00Rs. 21632.00
20.04.2017Rs.2708.00Rs. 21664.00
07.04.2017Rs.2662.00Rs. 21296.00
06.04.2017Rs.2685.00Rs. 21480.00
05.04.2017Rs.2667.00Rs. 21336.00
04.04.2017Rs.2641.00Rs. 21128.00
03.04.2017Rs.2617.00Rs. 20936.00
02.04.2017Rs.2658.00Rs. 21264.00