Pepsi and Coke decreased by 75 percent in Tamil Nadu


Pepsi and Coke decreased by 75 percent in Tamil Nadu

President of Tamil Nadu Traders Associations’ Confederation Vikarama Raja has stated that sales of foreign drink coke or pepsi have decreased by 75 percent at Tamil Nadu mainly due to the integrated effort and strike of youth, students and traders.

In a session press reporters stated that due to the ban on Jallikattu, students and youth community undertook the promise that they will stop drinking all foreign made cool drinks. Tamil Nadu Traders Association also announced on 1st March to stop selling all cooke and Pepsi.

Due to this, sales of coke and pepsi has decreased by 75 percent within last few weeks.

The Tamil Nadu Traders keep rejecting the inventory brought by the agents of Pepsi and coke. It is strongly expected that Pepsi and coke will not be sold in any shops after March 1st.
Even film actors and actresses also strongly stop the sales promotion advertisement for all these drinks. If it fails then association is said to join with students and youth community to stop this.
Traders from numerous states even Northern states have approached to sell local made drinks such as Padhaneer (made from Palm tree). Its said that “Padhaneer is said to be made availabe in most of the shops shortly.
Its said that many trading shops have said to be sealed for parking not been taken care. Now thousand traders are been severly affected due to this. Problem solved with immediate solutiin by joint discussions between state government as well as traders.
State conference on 5th May
About 10 Lakh traders are expected to participate on State Conference scheduled at Villipuram on 5th May on traders day. Mr.Vikramarajs stated that invitations are been sent to state and central ministers and representatives of traders association to participate for this conference.
He also stated that the main objective of conference is to protest against the recent imposed regulationos/laws on Food Safety issues by central government.