Movie Tickets Prices Increase


Increase in Movie Ticket Price in India

Movie Tickets Prices Increase. With the recent closure of movie theatres as a protest against GST imposition withdrawn, they are set to start functioning from yesterday (Friday, 7th July).

However, the Entertainment GST Tax has not been withdrawn for movie tickets. So, the theatre owners have informed that the tickets would include the prevailing entertainment tax as well the additional GST.

Movie tickets above Rs. 100 will have GST slab get 28% tax. Movie tickets lesser than Rs. 100 will have an 18% GST slab.

So, the present tickets worth Rs. 100 will be sold at a price of over Rs. 150 including the GST 28% from today. The tickets which are presently sold at Rs. 90 will be sold at a price of over Rs. 105 from today.