Monsoon places in metro cities


Monsoon places in metro cities

Southwest Monsoon is much awaited period in India. Four month long phase has various shades for various parts of country. South India is the first to welcome Monsoon by the end of May or June first, which reaches northern parts of country by June end.

Metropolitan cities of country are also now experiencing and enjoying various shades of Monsoon this season. When it rains and rains at Mumbai. Chennai city remains warm and dry. Let’s see through Monsoon brought this season over major cities of country and whats stored in for them:

Delhi: Rain in Delhi is said to have frequenting for last couple days however mainly remained patchy which is localized at nature. Spells are remained absent from showing up on city for very long time now.

At general, month of August at the rainiest month during Monsoon are being on second mat. City is usually records 187 mm rains during month of July until now which has recorded 153.7 mm of rains.  Right now Delhi is expected to see few more short spell of rains for next two three days. Rain is to be activity to be higher on 22nd July.

Mumbai: This july month is the rainiest month of Mumbai. City records constantly showers of varied intensity. Dream city remains most pleasant with day temperatures settling at mid-30 and minimums at mid-20’s. Average monthly rainfall for state remains at whopping 840.7 mm and until now city is now recorded 1092.4 mm of rains.

In fact, Monsoon is shown its vigorous phase at this season with city recording up three digit rains on four days. Soon rains over city started reducing apart from one or more occasion. Rains remained mainly light. Right now we don’t expect any significant increase at rainfall activity and city to continue to record light rainfall for next two or three days.

Chennai: Southwest Monsoon doesn’t impact Chennai more. In fact being a rain shadow area. Chennai remain warm and moist at the time of Monsoon season. City right now records major rainfall during Northeast Monsoon and are at few occasions when Chennai experiences rainfall during Southwest Monsoon. It’s mainly when Monsoon is weaker over many other parts of country. At the month of July, Chennai for about total of 103.8 mm of rains, its actual rains are close and its 96 mm.

Last ten year there are been only one occasion when Chennai to be recorded with three digit rainfall to tune of 206 mm at July. City was mostly seen rainfall at two digits. As of now, Chennai weather is to remain dry and warm with occasional showers. Daytime high to remain at higher 30’s which might settle at the upper 20’s.

Kolkata: At Kolkata, July is the rainiest month with normal rainfall accounting to 396 mm. Till date, city is right now recorded with a good 115.4 mm rains. City is right now experienced rains at each and every day so far at the month but rainfall is now remained at single digits. There were been only six occasions when state capital is said to have recorded double digit rainfall.

At the next 48 hours, we can now expect some good showers to occur over the city which will further enhance the monthly rainfall status.