Metro water price hike in Chennai

Metro water price hike in Chennai

Northeast monsoon has failed in the city, residents in core areas such as Anna Nagar, Mylapore, Nungambakkam and Royapuram, where the population is dependent on Metrowater’s daily supply of 831 million litres. Nature’s bounty are in the form of groundwater left behind 100% excess rainfall at last year could keep city due to the absence of regular supply by the government in the coming months.

Groundwater is said to be not suitable for drinking water in many areas and private tank operators are recently hike their rates. 9000 litre cost load has increased up from Rs 700 to Rs 900. Comparison, Metrowater charges Rs 600 for 9000 litre load. Metrowater tankers make only 1200 paid trips a day. When comparison about 2000 private tankers nearly 10000 trips.

In Triplicane, residents are sinking its bore well up to 200 feet. Metrowater supply has fallen from 24 hours a day to 12 hours. A month before, water flow from pumps was very fast. A great deal effort is said to pump the water out stated by Vishwanath, a Triplicane resident.

On Luz Church road, residents stated there was no Metrowater supply for week till two days ago. Supply resumed after a complaint made by Meenakshi, a resident.

In suburbs, shortage was felt two months ago. There was been alternate supply since October state by Srinivasan of Ambal Nagar in Pallikaranai.