Jai Simha Telugu movie review and ratings


Jai Simha Telugu movie review and ratings

Production: CK Entertainment Pvt LTD

Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishna

Direction: KS Ravikumar

Screenplay: KS Ravikumar

Story: M.Ratnam

Music: Chirantan Bhatt

Background score: Chirantan Bhatt

Cinematography: Ram Prasad

Dialogues: KS Ravikumar, M.Ratnam

Editing: Praveen Antony

After many movies in which he has played the stylish, sophisticated hero, Balakrishna plays the typically brave rugged son of Jai Simha, directed by commercially proven experienced moviemaker KS Ravikumar.

Director KS Ravikumar is said to have ensured movie is not a showcase of Balayya’s action and heroism, but also a perfect good cocktail of mindless comedy and sentiment in good measure. Though intent looks good, the execution must leave to be much desired.

Balakrishna (Narasimha) along with his new-born son leave for Kumbakonam a la nomads. He finds a driver job and behaves very innocent guy but by now obviously know that he has heroic past and had to sacrifice his livelihood for reason.

Narasimha gets into problem with police officer who turns out be the husband of ex girl friend. There goes an interval block. Why he must sacrifice? What happened between Narasimha and his girlfriend and what was his past, make up for the second half.

There is a small twist before any interval which will take you to many surprise but from that Jai Simha travels on familiar terrain which also predictable and hardly excites you to any point of time. Lengthy running time only turns out to be a demerit of this movie.

There are two different looks for Balakrishna and the bearded look in particular, suits him very well of his age. Apart from his his heroic gait and flourish, he also impresses in the scenes where he tries to be a perfect loving father. Free flowing effortless, fearless attitude. Balakrishna lightens up the occasion with some fun dance moves.

Nayanthara looks eminent in second half and song sequences works well. Other heroines hardly to have a perfect scope at the movie. Murali Mohan through his role when villains are loud ones which we used to.

Among Chirantan Bhatt’s songs, the Anaganaga track has been used well with the two duet songs seem unwarranted. The re-recording gives the required mush to the heroic flamboyant, over the top action scenes. On the whole Jai Simha is tested commercial entertainer, which banks on Balayya’s screen presence.

Verdict: People who like old movies will love it. Could have worked perfect 15 years back.

Liveonindia star ratings: 2.5/5