Is taking an oil bath in the summer beneficial to body health


Is taking an oil bath in the summer beneficial to body health?

Its essential to take oil bath every day and any day. AS the head are important parts in the body. It is essential to keep your hair clean and healthy.

According to traditional Indian culture, the 1 mug water to be poured on the heading at the start of bath not onto the body. Again the question is why? Our body temperature is maintained at regular levels. There are various prospects of pouring water on the body suddenly which may lead the body heat immediately after affecting head.

This is why we follow that the 1st mug water should be poured on the head while starting on the  bath. This tradition was said to have been practiced for several decades. However as the present lifestyle, people have tended to become lazier and hence they have deemed on taking head-bath as a rather occasional one. Some of us usually take head-bath only once in a month. However, the fact is that a true bath is to wash the entire body.

There are 3 main properties in our body – bile (pitham), palsy (vaadham), and phlegm (kabam). The climatic condition is now hot throughout the year in South India. Oil bath is the main essential in order to reduce this heat from your body. Heart related problems are more intense to occur for people who keep moving out in hot sunny weather. Taking oil bath is must for these people.