Increase and Decrease of prices in India


Increase and Decrease of prices in India

Budget presentation done by Finance Minister Jaitley expected that mobile prices is said to be increased go up due to new taxes. At budget 2 percent customs duty are been imposed on PCB which are essential components of cell phones.

It’s expected that due to additional duty over imported PCBs, local manufacturers of PCBs may benefit. Prices of smartphones are said to be imported PCBs to increase by one percent.

Its noted that most of the cell phones are imported PCBs. PCBs can increase on 25 to 30 percent on the production cost of the phones.

With budget presentation, there are some panels including tobacco will increase up.

Prices of some items such as solar plates is said to be decreased.


Items whose price will be increased

  • Cigarette, Pan Masala, Beedi, cheroot, and tobacco
  • LED lamps
  • Fried cashew nuts
  • Aluminium Minerals
  • Polymer M. S. tapes
  • Cellphone Circuit Boards
  • Silver coins and medals

 Items whose price will be down

  • Online train tickets
  • Reverse Osmosis plates for domestic use
  • Liquified fuel gas
  • Solar panels
  • Windmill generator
  • PoS devices (Point of Sales), fingerprinting devices
  • Insurance of safety/security services