How to survive without Antivirus on Windows Computer


How to survive without Antivirus on Windows Computer

Nowadays more than safety nothing is valuable. Frightened by viruses and hackers then move your mouse to go for a securtiy analysis. Life without antivirus is unthinkable (atleast on windows computer).

Its possinble to live without antivirus. Without Antivirus installed, spending your works on computer doesnt longer exists. Then computer wins in speed that avoid major hassles such as false alarms.

Why live without antivirus? More performance and stability.

First has to go with performance. Antivirus need plenty of computing power and memory to go for surveillance. Consumption of memory can reach upto 100 megabytes too.


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This graph taken from Raymond’s Blog that shows that the startup time of Windows with numerous antivirus programs. Some are higly optimized such as Microsoft Security Essentials but add 30 to 40 seconds to boot time. Presence of virus constantly monitors files can interfere with operation of games and programs. False alarms, arising the use of aggressive and the use can lead to disastrous events such as deletion of system files.

Antivirus are useful but do not replace Common Sense

Virus has not changed and cannot try to delete files but present as legitimate programs and deceive the user in social networking. Virus writers to prefer in earning money and gain up the trust of user of destroying your computer.

Effectiveness of best antivirus has come down more than half. Following chart explains that expert Brian Krebs in his blog, shows the blocking rate of ten best antirvirus to an unknown threat. Result stated that most antivirus takes two days to react.

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If you think antivirus will 100% protect your system then sorry to disappoint you that no antivirus will ensure complete 100%

Are you sure to Uninstall Antivirus?

Before removing antivirus, computer skills with necessary to prevent up infection easier. We suggest that following menu

Secure browser: Google Chrome , for example that opens in page at an isolated area so called as sandbox to prevent their contents which may cross the attack on Internet and Windows.

Sandbox: Sandboxie and BufferZone that allows you to run programs on separate memory space than normal. If you are unsure about dangerous file then put it in a cage.

Virtual machine: Alternative is to use a sandbox suspicious programs that runs on a virtual machine, ie a PC inside your PC. You can use it for download or browse files.

On Demand Antivirus: Avoid overloading system that can scan up the files with antvirus so called as ClamWin which can scans when you ask it up that can analyze on to the Internet.

Windows firewall: Its more than enough to reject most attempts of aggression from outside that have more control over it, install Windows Firewall Notifier.

Sysinternals Utilities: Programs such as Process Explorer , RootkitRevealer or TCPView which will help you find out if something thats strange is happening in the system.

Antivirus CD: People those who scans monthly, can do without installing anything on your hard drive.

Password manager: Indispensable to have a safe place to store sensitive data on your computer that should not easily fall prey to data thieves and attempted phishing.

How to get rid of antivirus

Ready to get rid of antivirus then type a program which will remove or uninstall it with Advance Uninstaller or Ashampoo Uninstaller. If Windows Action Center that gave you no error with no antivirus thats installed. Disable messages about virus protection from Control panel >> Action Center.

Turn of Notification about Virus Protection