How can poor dental hygiene affect you?


How can poor dental hygiene affect you?

From school times, you have taught about dental hygiene. Not just it’s because of the appearance alone but for the entire health is influenced by your dental hygiene. There are many common troubles with dental health are cavity issues or tooth loss. As per many dentists, bacteria in our mouth are our reason behind various health issues such as respiratory troubles and other diabetes.

There are brief list on health problems caused by body-mouth connection:

Periodontal disease

This is the termed as gum disease which is caused by oral health or dental.  This problem begins with a cause of gingivitis that creates redness of gums, bleeding in gums, swelling. If left untreated then it creates severe problem and even it can also destroy gum tissues and bones that supports the teeth.


This is caused due to the inflammation of heart’s inner layer. It is caused due to the bacteria present in your mouth.  Bacteria is caused due to the way in bloodstream and through minor cuts and gums diseases

Loss of memory

Dental health also affects your brain. This may cause to block or even narrow down your brain arteries. If the brain is affected then it leads to memory loss or dementia

Cardiovascular disease

 When the bacteria causing Periodontitis remains in the mouth, it will lead to different types of heart diseases, clogging in arteries, or even stroke

Stay healthy by maintaining proper hygiene with your mouth.