Home remedies will treat body redness


Home remedies to treat body redness

Many of us will have redness in body or skin and it’s an indication of unhealthy skin. Redness in our body is because of various chemical reactions, allergies, sunburns and more. Genetics are also the main reason for the redness of our skin. People who have redness in their bodies is said to have problems such as like itching, burning sensation and more.

These are the various home remedies which could help in the reduction of redness in our skin. They are

Aloe vera treatment: This is one of the best way to treat people having redness in their skin and is very effective. Its noted hat aloe vera has got various inflammatory properties which reduces skin inflammation. Our body is first to be washed in warm water. Gel from aloe vera leaf is extracted from bowl. To infected area apply slowly its gel. After sometimes this affected part is said to be washed well with lukewarm water. This procedure is to be done many times in a day for perfect results.

Cucumber mask: Hydrating properties of cucumber plays a main role. Skin is said to be moisturized and kept hydrated. As a result dryness is the plus to be reduced. Cucumber must be grated and peeled. At this next step this grated cucumber must be applied as a mask on your body and left it dry for a time or 30 mins. Later to be washed with water. Process must be repeated every day in a month for better results.

Petroleum jelly application:  This is one of the main methods to treat skin redness in your home. Method not to be used to apply for acne prone skin. This is well know that this petroleum jelly which has fabulous in curing your skin diseases for many years. Skin Moisturizing is done by petroleum jelly and drying redness in skin are to be prevented. Our body must be washed with water and dried. Then this petroleum jelly are to be applied on the affected portions and left overnight. This procedure are to be repeated daily for a month.

Green tea application:  Many of us don’t know that green tea to treat skin redness in us. Anti inflammatory plus skin rejuvenating properties of this green tea does excellent in reducing skin redness. At first step green tea is made and refrigerate for cooling. At next step a cotton ball or clean cloth to be dipped in this cool green tea and its applied on affected portions of skin. For best results this process are to be repeated three times in a day.

Coconut oil application: Best natural moisturizer for skin, coconut oil helps to keep skin hydrated and redness of skin are to be reduced. First step body to be washed well with water. Then with cotton paid this coconut oil to be taken and applied in affected areas of your skin. After 30 mins your body must be washed well. This must be done two times every day for a month to get better results.