High calorie Pizza-Unhealthy food


Easy and quick food which is otherwise called as “Fast Foods” are right now consumed by many of us and we sometimes don’t understand that Fast Foods are to be consumed occasionally not always. The delicious pizza colorful toppings and cheese layers tempt the children more and more. But do we know that it’s an unhealthy one when compared to diet count?

The below mentioned calorie count of various pizzas will fetch the necessary information:

  • Chapati pizza – 108.8 cal
  • Veggie supreme pizza – 154.1 cal
  • Multigrain pizza – 105.4 cal
  • Chicken supreme pizza – 128 cal
  • Gourmet domino’s pizza – 144 cal
  • Classic vegetarian pizza – 108.6 cal
  • Kadai paneer pizza – 136 cal
  • Brown bread pizza – 282.8 cal
  • Tandoori chicken pizza – 991 cal

The above calorie content is the count of one piece of pizza in each. It is high calorie level and rich in sodium that is the one only reason for high blood pressure. The content in pizza including high fat cheese, toppings, etc is full of saturated fat which hugely raises cholesterol level in food.