Healthy Food tips for aged People


Food tips for aged People

Aged people should intake 2320 K calories to 2730 k calories daily.

Aged people should always intake around 60 gm of protein daily  and for a person with a weight of 50 kg, the requirement is 50 gm of protein.

7.00 AM

Milk, nutritious flour stew, Green Tea, Coffee or Tea (anyone)

(Aged people should reduce tea and coffee intake too much)

8.00 AM

idlis-4, dosas-3, Pongal-250 gm, Upma-250 gm (anyone)

Side-dish: Mint or coriander chutney or Sambar

11.00 AM

Vegetable soup, 1 Apple

1.00 PM

Rice-300 gm, Pulses, 2 types of vegetables, curd-1 cup, steamed chicken or fish-75 gm, Egg-white-75 gm, Sweet or fruit-25 gm.

4.00 PM

Green Tea, Sundal (steamed pulses)-75 gm

8.00 PM

Plain Roti (made without oil), Dhal (Pulses) OR any Tiffin item with vegetable sambar. Add small amount of oils in each food you intake and avoid deep fried too much.