Health Benefits of masoor dal


Benefits of masoor dal

Masoor dal or Red Lentils is one of the best nutrients and has numerous health benefits. Benefits of masoor dal which was been recognized in the past centuries and thus its been constituted to be an important one of Indian cuisine. a cup of masoor dal is said to have about 230 calories and about 15 grams of dietary fibre and about 17 grams protein. Its rich in protein and iron, This dal is one of the perfect one for vegetarian diet. Here are some of the other dietary and health benefits of masoor dal.

Masoor dal is one of the large proportion of dietary fibre. This scores low in glycemic index in which food is absorbed at small intestine by blood. This it decrease down the rate of digestion and prevents sudden or unexpected raises in blood sugar. It should be eaten on regular basis by those who have sugar problems, lack of insulin and diabetes patient.

Once again it has a high portion of dietary fibre, masoor dal is said to be an effective one which lower cholesterol amount in the blood. This may also get rid of extra fat from the body. This improves blood flow and reduce risk of heart problems.

Masoor dal is one of the best  most weight loss diets. Its perfect amount of carbohydrates lend a sense of fulfilment on fat content. It has a high fibre content which decreases down digestion process, adding them on effect on weight loss. One cup masoor dal as a meal is to provide you will all essential proteins, vitamin and many other nutrients.

Masoor dal is one of the best antioxidants that’s effective to reduce cell damage. Its has a rich source of vitamin A, C and E. These vitamins are helpful to maintain vision, eyesight. One cup of masoor dal each day will protect your eye visior and disorders such as cataract and muscle degradation.