Health benefits of consuming black tea


Health benefits of consuming black tea

Nowadays we normally consume white tea, black tea, green tea and many more for our health. Here you will know the health benefits of black tea.

Its noted that black tea refers to tea which is more oxidized than white or green tea and its strong in flavor than any other types of teas. Fluoride, antioxidants like polyphenols are present in this black tea. In many different areas of the world black tea is consumed in various areas. Black tea is consumed as iced tea in western area whereas eastern nations this black tea is consumed as hot tea. Black tea in India is produced from Cameilla Indica.

Various health benefits of consuming black tea.

Reduces type 2 diabetes risk:

This is one of the main health benefits of consuming black tea intake which reduces risk of type 2 diabetes to 42% Polyphenols in black tea plays important role in this.

Heart diseases are prevented:

Heart diseases with cancer, Kidney failure are main cause for many deaths past these days. Improving heart health is done by flavones into black tea. Repairing on coronary artery dysfunctions done by flavones. Issues such as arteriosclerosis and strokes could be avoided in us. It’s good to take up 2 to 3 cups of black tea each and every day to keep our heart healthy.

Digestion gets improved:

Black tea has got positive effect on to our digestive system because of tannins and many other chemicals into it. Good gut bacteria enhanced up by polyphenols in black tea and the growth of other harmful bacteria is prevented.

Relieves asthma:

Reduces inflammation and swelling of bronchial tubes, enlargement of air passage would got by consuming hot black tea. Both inhalation as exhalation becomes easier. Flavoniods present in black tea is very much beneficial for people suffering from asthma issues.

Relieves stress in us:

In this fast paced modern world most of us have stress in us. Its said that a cup of black tea could distress in us as it lowers stress hormone production. Relaxation of nerves achieved.

Bone health gets improved:

Our bone strength reduces when grow older is main fact. Most of us don’t know that consuming black tea bone density is to be restored back as black tea is due to calcium. Consuming black tea the risk due to fractures is to be reduced.