Google search voting system for Vijay TV Big Boss Program


Vijay TV Big Boss Program Google search voting system

There are lots of surprise information recently started on BigBoss program on Vijay TV which has Kamal haasan as its anchor. Program is now the talk of Tamil Nadu and people are now more and more interested to watch Bigboss rather than to see any other programs.

Now there is a new voting system is introduced on Googl -Vijay TV instructs to conduct Google Search Big Boss vote for selecting person to vote.

Way of Voting

Google offers various free and charged services on the internet through search engine. One of the best services offered is stated to be the voting system which is based on Google Search. Its said that there is no connection whatever between this search and how people select particular individual.

 How to vote?

Vote before deadline given to this program, Google search Big Boss Vote

Pictures of nominees will appear at the end of search

Just click on your favorite choice. Its said that you can vote upto 50 times in a single day.

In other words, single Google ID an individual can vote 50 times- he/she may even vote for the 50 chances in one click as per selection. There are also a choice which was to split these 50 voting chances and vote for different choices.

Many TV companies are now taking several measures to decrease down the gap between TV media and Digital Platform.