Google increases user privacy controls

Google increases user privacy controls 

On Monday, Google increased privacy controls for users and rolled out a website asked questions in response to increase the search giant collects and uses massive amounts of data

Users are onto the control of certain privacy setting for about months or years in order to save web browsers and location history which is aimed for targeting advertising. Managing and time confusing are in various places across the web are not always easy to find.

Now users can able to check my security check up and privacy check up or lists where people can check the data will be private or public. Google’s new website answers for various frequent questions as company sells personal data and information given to advertisers.

In order to make the security and privacy to be really mysterious it’s done in an approachable manner said Guemmy Kim for account controls and settings. Data controls are more and more increasing to users in recent years that moved towards Internet.

Monday’s roll out has increased app permissions for Android which is announced by Google as its annual developers at the last week conference. The app permission is on Apple’s i Phones that doesn’t allow apps to automatic access of data such as phone contacts and locations.