Gold Rate in Chennai


Gold Price in Chennai

Nowadays Gold is one of the valuable one used by many people. Its one of the important commodity in Chennai, capital of South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Many Indians are keen over Gold jewellery

especially Chennai ranks above all the other states in India. Chennai ranks the maximum number of sales in gold in India..

People at Chennai purchase gold at all occasions especially in marriage occasions. There are various jewelry establishments across the city which meets this demand. Want to get regular updates on Gold rate in Chennai then visit Liveonindia, one of the best website to give clear information on daily basis of gold rate in Chennai.  Have a look on Latest Today gold rate jewellery on Liveonindia.

Today gold rate jewellery

Want to know the latest gold rate jewellery information then all you want to do is to visit Liveonindia. Liveoninda is one of the best websites to show Today gold rate jewellery information. Get to know the latest gold rate jewellery information from Liveonindia.

Today gold rate jewllery information are below:

Date24 K - 1 Gram24 K - 8 Grams22 K - 1 Grams22 K - 8 Grams
23.04.2017Rs. 2980.00Rs. 23840.00Rs. 2838.00Rs. 22704.00
22.04.2017Rs. 2980.00Rs. 23840.00Rs. 2838.00Rs. 22704.00
21.04.2017Rs. 2967.00Rs. 23736.00Rs. 2826.00Rs. 22608.00
20.04.2017Rs. 3020.00Rs. 24160.00Rs. 2822.00Rs. 22576.00
07.04.2017Rs. 2971.00Rs. 23768.00Rs. 2777.00Rs. 22216.00
06.04.2017Rs. 2975.00Rs. 23800.00Rs. 2780.00Rs. 22240.00
05.04.2017Rs. 2976.00Rs. 23808.00Rs. 2781.00Rs. 22248.00
04.04.2017Rs. 2990.00Rs. 23920.00Rs. 2794.00Rs. 22352.00
03.04.2017Rs. 2963.00Rs. 23704.00Rs. 2765.00Rs. 22120.00
02.04.2017Rs. 2959.00Rs. 23672.00Rs. 2765.00Rs. 22120.00
01.04.2017Rs. 2959.00Rs. 23672.00Rs. 2765.00Rs. 22120.00

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