Foods to protect from sun burn


Foods to protect from sun burn

At this summer its usual that we get overexposed to sun’s radiation. As a result of this heavy exposure we get heavy sunburns. This sunburn will affect living tissues is a known one.

People affected by this sunburns have few symptoms such as reddish skin, pain, fatigue and sometime mild dizziness also. Its important to note that this sunburn is an inflammatory response to our skin and its triggered by direct DNA damage that’s caused by ultraviolet radiations. More exposure to UV radiations will also lead to non malignant skin tumors.

At the time of summer season people normally want to relax by going for beaches and exposing themselves directly to sun. This sunburn will present the people from getting happiness.

There are few foods which must be consumed so that could protect from sunburns. They are

Consume green tea: Apart from providing many health benefits such as weight loss, avoid heart problems, Alzheimer’s diseases etc green tea which plays an important role in protecting us from sunburns. Presence of antioxidants named as EGCGs is plant polyphenols in green tea does the best job of protecting your skin when exposed to harmful UV radiations of sun.

Tomatoes intake: This is one of the main food which must be added in diet so that we can be protected from UV radiations. Lycopene is antioxidant found in tomatoes and this lycopene plus vitamin C protects from UV radiations penetrating our skin.

Consumption of strawberries:  Not all know that strawberries are highly effective in protecting us from harmful radiations and sunburns. These strawberries have anthocyanins and phyto-nutrients in them and these prevent sun radiations from skin damage.

Intake of Green leafy vegetables: There are many vegetables such as spinash, kale and coriander are dark green in colour and it all these vegetables play superb role in protecting our skin from various harmful sunburns.

Dark chocolate consumption: This is one of the best and important foods which will prevent sunburns in us. It is said that cocoa beans have high level of flavonoids which will protect our skin from sun raditions. Make sure to consume dark chocolates to have higher raw cocoa content in them and hence higher will be oxidants level.

Consume cucumbers: At the time of summer seasons consuming cucumber will keep our skin and body hydrated. Presence of vitamin C plus tannin, flavonoids etc helps us in protecting our skin from sunburns etc.