Foods to be avoided if you have gout disease


Foods to be avoided if you have gout disease

If excess amount of uric acid is in our blood then we could get gout disease. It’s a type of arthritis and it’s responsible for joints inflammation. People affected with gout disease have intense pain plus joint swelling and redness. It’s main to mention that gout normally occurs at big toes in us but there are possibilities that gout also occur in wrists, knees, fingers etc also. Main important piece of information is pain comes mainly in about less than 12 hours of time. People consume diet rich in purine are said to be more affected by this gout disease. During gout those foods are to be consumed by us are potatoes, peas, mushrooms, soya beans, nuts and more. Gout affects 1 to 2% people living in Australia, Europe, America and more. Factors such as metabolic syndrome, longer life expectancy etc had resulted in many people affected with out at these countries. Drinking enough water during gout is main as it could flush away uric acid crystals.

Certain foods not to be consumed when you have gout disease. These foods are

Avoid meat intake:

High level purine is in red meat and organ meats such as kidney, liver and more. Hence these must not be consuming during gout. Veal, vension, pheasants are also to be avoided by us. Meat will remove gout during night time.

Beverages to be avoided:

Formation of uric acid gets increased through sugar and fructose present in beverages. Increase in uric acid must result in severity of gout disease. It’s clear that beverages activate certain cellular process into our body and hence increase up uric acid in us. Fruit juices, alcohol and sugary sodas must not to be consumed.

Refined carbohydrates:

During gout refined carbohydrates like cakes, white bread, white rice, sugar and more to be avoided. These refined carbohydrates are not high up in fructose or purine. They have low nutritional values and increase uric acid in us.

Say no to processed foods:

People eat many processed foods such as snacks, chips and frozen meal at these days. These foods are not to be consumed by us when we have gout disease. These foods must increase issue of gout into our joints could create great discomfort for us.

Avoid fishes intake:

Intake of shellfishes and fishes must be avoided by us during gout as these might harm our body. Some types of fishes are not to be consumed are herring, sardines, trout, tune, mackerels and more. Shrimp and lobster belongs to shellfish and these are to be avoided.

Do not consume added sugars:

To upgrading look and taste of the dishes, some foods such as honey, corn syrup, maple syrup are added is known. These food items are highly rich in fructose and increase uric acid levels in us. These added sugars must be consumed during gout.

Yeast to be avoided:

It’s said that nutritional yeast, brewer’s yeast and other yeast supplements are to be avoided during gout disease

Other food types:

Many consume chicken, beef, pork and other foods have low purine content into them. These foods are to  be avoided as these foods might trigger gout attacks.