Foods to avoid cancer


Foods to avoid cancer

First thing to be changed is to prevent or treat cancer is food. Some food contains high chance of cancer fighting properties and it’s better to consume them more. If you want to fight body from cancer diseases then you need to nourish up with powerful foods. Many studies says that regular workouts and proper balanced diet plays an important role to enhance the survival rate for people who suffer from cancer. It’s good to include cancer fighting foods in your diet. It’s also good to consult a doctor before to start your diet.


Beetroots is with anthocyanins which has combat cancer cells in the body. Latest studies suggest that beetroots help to prevent blood cancer and brain cancer.



Garlic has lots of allicin. This helps to prevent the cancer spreading cells. It provides tryptophan and selenium.


Green leafs

Green leafs contain sulforaphanes that can prevent cancer. Latest studies suggest that they can prevent from colo-rectal cancer. Also green leafs will stabilize your whole system.


Tomatoes contain Lycopene. Doctors suggest that regular tomato intake will minimize the risk of prostate and other types of cancers such as breast, lung and colon.



Latest studies stated that mushrooms help in fighting cancer. Mushrooms contain cancer-fighting.



Nuts has selenium which is the important one to fight up cancer cells and many other nuts helps to boost your immune system.


Pumpkin Seeds

They have Vitamin E content to minimize the growth of cancer cells. It helps to improve your immunity.

pumpkin seeds

Sunflower Seeds

 They contain Vitamin E and Zinc too. Zinc can speed up the cancer healing process.

sunflower seeds

Red Pepper

Red Pepper has vitamin C content  which is present in body to boost your immunity and helps to  fight cancer.

red pepper


Carrot juice is the best one to fight against cancer. It contains many cancer healing agents in it including carotenoids.


Fish has omega 3 fatty acids and many other nutrients to help your body from cancer.