Fall of Car Sales in India

Fall of Car Sales in India

There shall be fall in sales of cars for the second running month. There was a drop in car sales by 4.21 percent in the February month. The reason for car sales reduction is attributed to the Jats demand for reservation quota and the expected fall in car prices on pending budget.

All India Automobile Manufacturers Association (SIAM) has released the above information.

During the February month, 164469 cars has been sold within this country. As compared to this, last year sale figure for February was 171703. Car sales from Maruti Suzuki is one of the leading car manufactures in India which has gone down by 3.94 percent when compared to last year. During February 2016, only 87149 Maruti cars has been sold.

Hyundai, an another car manufacturer stated that the fall in sales at the time of February is down by 12.7 percent when compared to last year corresponding month. Honda has also suffered a reaction of 15.61 percent at the time of February when compared to previous month.

Sales of utility vehicles from Mahindra and Mahindra has gone up by 26.99 percent. Sales figure is for February 2015 was 17805.The corresponding figure for February 2016 is 22612.

The sales of 2-wheeler have increased up by 12.75 percent at the time of February 2016 as compared to February 2015. During February 2015, 1208084 2-wheeler were sold. During February 2016, this figure is increased up 1362219 2-wheeler have been sold. The sales of  motorcycles will be increased in the month of February 2016 by 11.05 percent