Drink that melts body fat in four days

Drink that melts body fat in four days

Being fat is a common problem in many people nowadays and many people are facing this problem. There are lots of suggestions and remedies to reduce your weight in short span of time and in effortless manner like balance diet, exercise and even through workouts. An amazing drink is there to melt your fat in only 4 days of time. Here is the fat reducing drink which reduces your fat at short span of time.


  • Water- 8 glasses
  • Grated Ginger root- 1 tsp
  • Medium sized Cucumber- 1
  • Medium sized Lemon- 1
  • Mint leaves- 12


One Medium sized cucumber you take it and just peel and to grate it. Add some lemon juice in it. Now prepare a paste of 12 mint leaves in a separate plate. Mix all the ingredients with 1 tsp of ginger and keep it overnight. Add 8 glass of water to the ingredients in morning time. Now drink the juice throughout the day when you feel thirsty. Follow this for 4 days in order to get the perfect result to melt your fat.

This will make wonders for you when you use to intake this juice. Along with this meal, keep your meal 5 parts in a day. Perform regular exercise to avoid unwanted fat. Intake of more water will clear out the impurities from, your body and will make you to stay healthy. Enjoy your drink and avoid unwanted fat from your body.