Disadvantages of Chewing gum

Disadvantages of Chewing gum

Many of us are keen on chewing gums. This habit is very harmful to human bodies and tends to create a lot of problems in our bodies. As we give extra work to the muscles in the mouth which tend to create problems in various joints in the body such as shoulder, knees, etc.

Frequent and continuous chewing of gums causes pain and stress in muscles that links the jaw to the skull.

As we keep on chewing more and more gums that tend to inhale excess air in our breathing. This also may create gastric trouble as well pain in lower stomach. There are further problems such as problems in digestions system may develop and irritation occurs in the chest

People who chew gums are likely to suffer from frequent headaches. The main reason is due to the conditioning ingredients and flavoring agents. It’s true that chewing gums offer good exercise to gums and teeth, excessive chewing lead to opposite effect causing some sort of great harm in gums and teeth.

The main reason is that sugar base in the chewing gums. This sugar happens to be an ideal food for resident bacteria on the mouth. These bacteria tend to grow well and start to attack the gums and teeth. It also said that the people who are in a habit of chewing gums get frequent complaint of loose motion.

There is an artificial chemical flavoring agents so called as Mannitol and Sorbital disturb the gut.Continuous disturbance to the gut can result in diarrhoea and dehydration.

Some people have false teeth of mercury, silver, or tin to cover the gaps . When they chew gums, the mercury in the false teeth tends to get released and may enter the body. This is poisonous and will cause great harms to the body in a gradual process!